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MyFavorito enables brands and retailers:
  • Mobilize products, stores, marketing campaigns, dealer networks and ecosystems
  • Engage a business-critical number of customers with irresistible engagement tools
  • Build a self-maintaining, 360-degree CRM customer database full with meaningful user profiles
  • Target individuals at a massive scale and send the right message to the right customer at the right time
  • Generate more customer relationships, store visits, loyalty, referrals, sales and growth
New startup MyFavorito provides a rare B2C CRM platform for brands, retailers, and their millions of customers, using their cross-platform app to let consumers customize the stores and brands they
MyFavorito, the B2C CRM platform for brands, retailers and their millions of customers presented its product, vision and mission to more than 400 investors at 500 Startups famous Batch 19
Microsoft, the world's largest software company, chose MyFavorito out of 800 other startups to present "The Customer Relationship Platform" to its top multi-national customers in retail and CPG.
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MyFavorito - the B2C CRM platform for customer-loving brands and retailers, has been selected by Microsoft's US Startup and Global Retail teams as a featured start up at the forthcoming
Got a business? Successful brands, retailers and stores run MyFavorito to increase loyalty, referrals, visits and sales.
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